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Expert Rug Cleaning in Liverpool City Centre

Rug cleaning Liverpool City CentreHave your precious and exotic rugs cleaned by a team of professionals, with more than 10 years of experience and wisdom in the trade? Cleaning Liverpool City Center can take care of staining, soiling, water exposure and protect the fibers of your rugs, all in one go. Take care of your rugs, get the best for them by calling 0151 673 0107, a company which you can rely on even on weekends. With preferential prices for regular customers and discounts for landlords and tenants, you can receive the finest cleanup and still save money on your home cleaning bill. Our eco-friendly solutions are beneficial not only for your rugs, but can provide you with:

  • Fully sanitized fibers
  • No more smells
  • Additional treatments
  • Great discounts
  • Reasonable prices

Gentle & Effective Rug Cleaning in Liverpool City Centre

We clean a selection of fabrics and fibers ranging from natural to synthetic giving you the freedom of choice. The cleaners can handle: satin, silk, cotton, acrylic, wool, Persian, Oriental, Turkish, Kilim, woven, blended and hand made rugs. Our cleaning process is really gentle to all each kind of rugs, but it is very effective and guarantees complete removal of all types of stains and dirt.

Dry rug cleaning - With dry cleaning we can maintain your rugs, giving them life for a longer period of time. Most expensive rugs are made from natural fibers, composites and hand woven elements that need to be preserved and this treatment is just the thing. Using a dry compound we avoid exposing the natural fibers to heat and moisture dramatically reducing the chance of damage. Our technicians apply the compound on the surface and using a fine brush they embed said compound into the base of the rug, maintain low ph levels. We then extract the compound, which as already bound with the filth inside the rug, using a vacuum machine. This leaves your rug completely cleaned and ready to be used.

Steam rug cleaning - This is a cleanup method that allows the cleaners to immediately and fully resolve issues with stains and odours in your rugs. It removes any gunk and grime giving your household a breath of fresh air. We use steam and a detergent to receive the best results possible, allowing them to get deep into the base of the rug. It works by dethatching the staining particles from the fibers of the rug, removing them gently to avoid any damage. To reduce the amount of moisture that is being used, we immediately extract all of the filth and water vapor with a vacuum machine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have exotic rugs, can you clean them safely?
A: Yes, using a gentle dry compound we can extract even the hardest to remove stains without any damage.

Q: How long are the drying times?
A: Usually between 2-3 hours, for winter times we can arrange our movers, but you need to call before hand.

Q: Are the detergents you are using safe?
A: They are safe for all organic life, including pets and plants, providing great cleanup for even the most delicate of fibers

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