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Frequently Asked Questions

Each of these stains can be removes using a corresponding detergent, all of which are safe for the fibers they are cleaning as well as your family.

We work with the finest eco-friendly detergents and machines which optimise the cleaning experience and guarantee the best cleaning for your household, no chemicals or heavy toxins.

Aside from the Domestic cleaning service, we will come fully prepared, with all of the required detergents and machines.

You can request a second cleaning, free of charge. We will inspect the problematic area and assess the appropriate way to react. In most cases we will clean a second time, however, you can request your money back.

Upon availability we can be at your house within an hour of your call, however, busier periods of the year may require a bit more waiting and a call in advance.

We drive around with a van full of equipment, most of which we will require to clean your home, nearby parking would be greatly appreciated.

We have a 47 GBP minimum charge which covers the minimum cost of sending a team out as well as gas and maintenance.