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Curtain Cleaning In Liverpool City Centre

Curtain cleaning Liverpool City CentreDo your curtains lose their original clean appearance? Have them cleaned by a team of professionals, who can guarantee their complete refreshing! Get in touch with us and choose the cleaners from Cleaning City Center Liverpool protecting your curtains from further dirt accumulation, all done in one day, and one phone call. With Cleaning Liverpool City Center you get the best of cleaning at a low, reasonable price and you get it today. Upon availability you can enjoy our expertise within 1 hour, simply call 0151 673 0107 to book us and receive a free, accurate price estimation. Get in touch with us and enjoy:

  • Drape colour protection
  • Full & deep fiber cleaning
  • Professional equipment
  • Same day booking
  • Affordable rates

Curtain cleaning in Liverpool

We can safely clean: Natural, synthetic and blend curtains, all kind of blinds, silk, Kashmir, velvet, cotton, acrylic and a lot more.

Dry curtain cleaning
Gives your drapes a well-deserved cleanup, allowing our team to extract 100% of the gathered filth and along with it unpleasant odours and stains. Due to their vertical orientation, the curtains need to be taken down to be properly cleaned, however, we do it free of charge as well as their installation after we are done. To clean gunk and grime, we use a granulated detergent which we spread on the surface of the curtain using a fine brush. Once the compound has reacted with the dirt, we extract it with a vacuum cleaner and along with it all of the debris inside. There is no drying or waiting, we put the drapes back on and you are good to go.

Curtain Steam cleaning
Enjoys success with stain removal on a wide range of woolen and synthetic materials, offering clients a good alternative to having stains and bad odours on their curtains. We are able to extract accumulated dirt and even very old smells from the fabric, without having to resort to any heavy chemicals. The best part about this treatment is that we can clean your curtains as they are, without having to take them down. We save time and reduce wrinkling, making your experience that more convenient.

Additional services

Oven cleaning - get your oven cleaned by our professional staff of technicians. We use natural degreasers and detergents, giving your oven a proper cleaning, with no toxins.

Window cleanup - have your windows cleaned now, no more fingerprints or watermarks, all done with purified water and skill.

One-off cleaning - here you can choose when we arrive, how long we stay, exactly what and how we clean it. Use this on a regular basis or just once, no contracts or obligations.

After builders cleaning - with this service you can get rid of the final memory of construction or renovation, no more pain stains or muddy footprints, we will clean it all.

Book The Curtain Cleaners

Hold on, we are not finished. Each month you can choose from a variety of deals and offers, with discounts of up to 25%. To book us at any time, call 0151 673 0107 or use the booking form located on the website. Request a quote either by phone or in the live chat, which is free of charge and operation 24/7.